Big Bash League is one of Australia’s most famous cricket competitions running from December to February every summer. Currently, the tournament attracts loads of gamblers and features eight teams. In the same vein, the BBL fixture involves 56 games during the group stages and five matches at the finals.

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Much has been said about Big Bash League betting, which is often untrue. Right now, we want to uncover for you anything making up the competition. This article will tell you about how you can bet on BBL and some crucial tips to help you increase your chances to win a prize. But first, below are other bookies you can use to wager in Big Bash League. Check them out before reading on and sign up with at least one of the brands.

Best BBL Betting Sites Of 2021

History Of BBL Betting In India

The Big Bash League has been running since 2011. The competition was initially referred to as the KFC Twenty Big Bash before changing its name to BBL T20. As you may know, KFC is a fast-food chicken outlet with loads of cafes globally and has been the tournament’s official sponsor. 

Currently, the Sydney Derby and the Melbourne Derby are the most-watched matches. Nevertheless, there is also a rivalry building up between the Scorchers and the Sixers. 

Scorchers are the only back-to-back winners ever in the BBL history. Similarly, over the nine times the competition has been taking place, six different teams have won the trophy once. The Melbourne Renegades team set the highest team total with 222/ runs. Again, the club holds the record of the lowest-scoring team with 27/10. 

In 2015, the Melbourne Stars set the largest victory difference by 113 runs after beating the Renegade 170/ 57. The most significant win by wickets was in 2015 from the Scorchers, in 2019 from the Heat and the Hurricanes, and lastly, the Strikers. 

The best top scorer in the Big Bash League is Chris Lynn from the Brisbane Heat with 2,332 runs. The highest ever scoring innings is Marcus Stoinis from Melbourne Stars.

How To Bet Online On BBL Big Bash?

Betting on BBL is easy, provided you love the game. First, you need to create a betting account at FUN88. To achieve that, you should provide your credentials that include name, date of birth, email address, among a few other things. Afterward, your information will undergo a verification process before you can access your betting interface on the site. 

Once you get the green light to bet, deposit cash to your gaming wallet. After that, open the homepage of the site and search for cricket betting. You will then see different cricket leagues such as IPL, T20 Blast, among others. Click on BBL. Achieving that will open a page with all the upcoming BBL matches. Still, if there are ongoing games, you will see them. 

Now, choose the matches and the types of bets you wish to wager. Afterward, stake some cash and wait for the game to take place. If your prediction is correct, you will receive a prize, depending on the odds and the amount of cash you wager. 

Alternatively, you can wager on in-play bets. Here, you will predict the happenings of an ongoing match. Ideally, you should watch the game on TV or follow it online through live streaming to bet effectively. We will discuss how live streaming works later in this writing.

Place Bets With 2021’s Best BBL Teams

There are 8 teams in the BBL, and these teams feature world-class cricket players. However, with the international travel restrictions and Covid-19 threatening again, teams have had to rework their and try to adapt to the time, and this is something that’ll test every team this year. Without much ado, let’s jump into the teams and how they stack up.


This team has won the BBL once since its conception, and after a busy off-season, are looking to win it again. After showing some major weaknesses last season, they’ve recruited some players like Matt Renshaw from BRISBANE HEAT to try to make their team more balanced and competitive


Having won the BBL once, this team is remarkably weaker than last season after the loss of one of its best players in Matt Renshaw. They’re likely to struggle unless all their players have the seasons of their lives, and will be looking for inspiration from the power play of Chris Lyn and Tom Banton.


This team has won the league twice and is the current defending champion. They come into the season with almost the same squad. Carlos Brathwaite is expected to have a strong season, and while there might be a few aging players, the quality in the team should cover up the small cracks.


This team has won the BBL just once. Their off-season business has shown they’re ready for the fight this season, as they’ve added the biggest hitter in the league in Ben Cutting, who they signed from BRISBANE HEAT. The pure striking power will improve the team a lot, and they’re one to look out for.


Hobert Hurricanes haven’t won the BBL, and it’s not looking likely that they will win it this time either, barring a miracle. They struggled a lot last year, and this season, their captain will be away a lot for international duty, so their batting is going to suffer. It’s going to be a long year regardless.


The most successful team in the Big Bash League (BBL) having won it three times. They’ve put together quite a team and are favorites for the league this time around. Jason Roy, Liam Livingstone, Colin Munro make up an amazing batting with incredible six-hitting power that makes them very lethal.


This team has won the league once,& is not likely to win it for a while. This year, while some changes have been made, it’s clearly not enough. They’ve invested in youth hoping to uncover the next world-beater, and While Noor Amad is a good spinner, Afghan is not what they need to challenge.

Melbourne Stars

Considered the best team last season, this team has been back to back runners up in the BBL for two years. They were very unlucky last year not to win, and are looking strong this year. Their only problem would likely be from international duty disruption, but otherwise, they’re title challengers.

Live Streaming Of Big Bash League (BBL)

Live streaming of BBL is following the matches online in real-time. Ideally, trusted and reputable betting sites like FUN88 offer live streaming services for cricket matches. However, you should have a reliable internet connection to enjoy the happenings. 

Live streaming aims to help bettors who lack time to watch BBL matches on TV. As a result, if you bet and travel, you can follow the games via your smartphone to see if you are on the right track. 

Another benefit is for gamblers seeking to wager on in-running bets while on the go. As it is, live streaming offers an excellent opening to watch, stake, and even change a bet based on what you see and think can help you win.

Big Bash League

List Of BBL Betting Options Available In India

Big Bash League has a bunch of betting options. Nevertheless, it would be best to become acquainted with where the teams will be playing and who will be the participants in a match before placing a wager. Below are some betting markets in the Cricket League:

  • 1

    Batsman Runs

    In this bet, you foretell the number of runs a batsman will make before a new one steps up to the crease.

  • 2

    Run-Off Next Ball

    This bet requires you to predict the number of runs to be delivered in a match.

  • 3

    Method of Dismissal

    This bet demands you foretell how a batsman will be dismissed while still in the crease.

  • 4

    Match Winner

    In this bet, you predict the overall winner with the most runs, wickets, baskets.

  • 5

    Total Runs

    In this wager, you foretell the team that will make the highest number of runs.

  • 6

    Over/ Under Totals

    This bet requires you to predict whether scores will be above or below the set benchmark in a game.

  • 7

    Total Fours/ Sixes

    In the Fours bet, you foretell how many times the ball will bounce within the pitch after the batsman hits it. In the Sixes bet, you predict the number of times the ball reaches the edge without touching or bouncing in the field.

  • 8

    Live Betting

    This is betting on a match after it has started. Ideally, you can bet on the second half after assessing the happening in the first half.

  • 9

    Total Wickets

    This bet demands you predict the times the ball will hit the three sticks of the wicket.

  • 10

    Total Batsman

    This is betting on the player you think will make the most runs or contribute the most scores.

  • 11

    Total maidens

    This is betting on the number of maiden overs after unsuccessful deliveries to the other end of the pitch.

What Are The Rules To Bet On BBL Tournaments?

While betting on BBL, there are rules one should follow to ensure everything runs smoothly. These rules are put in place to protect everyone involved and to adhere to government policies. It’s advisable to read the terms and conditions, but some of the most important rules include.

  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to bet and this particular policy is strictly enforced.
  • You must inform the company if you have a betting problem.
  • Only bet with disposable income.
  • The money deposited in your account must not come from any criminal activity
  • Artificial Intelligence (bots) must not be used, else your accounts will be closed down.
  • Online betting debts are enforceable by law
  • Your account can be blocked if any fraudulent activity is detected from it
  • When funding your account, the cardholder’s name must be the same as the name on the registration form filled when opening the account. The same thing applies when withdrawing from the account, i.e, the account holder’s name must be the same as the name in the bank account.

BBL Betting Odds And How To Use Them?

Notably, there is a whole range of BBL betting odds open for Indian bettors. Below are some of those you will see at FUN88.


This is arguably the most sought and simple BBL odds. More so, you only need to predict the outright win between two teams.

Highest Score After Over 1

Here, you foretell the club you think will be leading after the first over. You can still win assuming the team’s tie but your prediction was correct.

Team to Score Most Sixes

Here, you wager on the team you think will kick the ball and it crosses the boundary line. Your prediction should be on the specific batsman to win.

Top Runscorer Per Team

Here, you wager on either team’s batsman in a match to score the most runs.

BBL Series Winner

Here, you predict which team will win the BBL final match.

Highest Opening Partnership

Here, you wager on the team’s batting partnership you think will score the most goals.

Team of Top Batsman

Here, you foretell which team will produce the top-scoring batsman.

Popular BBL Betting Tips And Predictions

Betting and winning in BBL are two different things. To that effect, you must use betting predictions and tips to sniff out winning possibilities. Now, below are some of the things you should do to increase your chances of making profits:

  • 1

    Bet at reputable sites

    This is crucial to avoid using rogue brands that may deny you winnings after a successful prediction.

  • 2

    Read the Terms and conditions for betting

    Achieving it will help you know what is expected from you before betting, winning, or receiving winnings.

  • 3

    Analyze the teams

    Researching will arguably help you decide the best games, players, and bets to stake.

  • 4

    Understand the different types of BBL bets

    That is the best and only way you can evaluate the worthiness of odds and the chances for a team to win.

  • 5

    Study the odds for different bets

    That will help you know the best prediction for either the players or teams.

  • 6

    Follow BBL news

    This will help you know the lineups for the next matches, injured players, and any other happenings before betting.

  • 7

    Stake on multiple outcomes

    That will help you recover some losses assuming one of your bets fails to fruition.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to know where to put your cash is analyzing all the team’s past matches and reading predictions from reputable sources.

Yes, your winnings will be credited into your betting account immediately after a match ends.

That depends on the bookie you use. Ideally, some sites will charge you a small withdrawal fee while others won’t.

You can wager at least 100 rupees at FUN88, but that will depend on the match’s terms and conditions, if any.

You can use e-wallets, credit or debit cards, and wire bank transfers.

Yes. Provided the wagering requirements of the bonus allow betting on BBL, you are free to do so.

Yes. You can wager as many times as you want and still win in all the instances.


Big Bash League is at its best this season. All the teams are in good shape and more competitive than ever before. On the other hand, fans and bettors are in for more entertainment and rewards. More so, if you have been postponing to start betting on the competition, now is the best time to start. Therefore, head to FUN88 and sign up. From there, deposit cash into your gaming account, use predictions, and stake. You never know; you may end up making significant winnings you never anticipated.