Delhi Capitals (DC) is one of the most competitive teams in the IPL. The class has reliable players and trains under some of the best instructors and coaches. Today, Delhi Capitals has thousands of fans, and loads of bettors bet in favor of it. 

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Now, we want to take you through the Delhi Capitals team and uncover everything you should know before betting on it. You will learn about the players and their roles as well as other exciting details. But prior to that, check other excellent gaming sites below you can join.

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Delhi Capitals – Overview Of The Team

Delhi Capitals is a professional cricket club that plays in the (IPL) Indian premier league. The team came up in 2008 and was called Delhi Daredevils before switching to Delhi Capitals due to the change of ownership and new branding. Today, the club’s home matches occur at Arun Jaitley stadium in New Delhi (India’s capital city). 

The team was famously dubbed in 2019 by Indian premier league (IPL) commentators Danny Morrison, the Double D’s. It is one of the original eight teams playing in the Indian Premier League since 2008. More so, it took two years for the Delhi Capitals to play in the first playoffs. However, the club is one of the oldest teams in the competition to enter the IPL finals in 2020. 

The Capitals have featured in four playoffs, registering over 176 matches, winning only 76 (that 43%-win rate) since 2008- 2019. In addition, the 2020 season was their best season in IPL history. Hence, it is an excellent team to place your money on whenever you want to bet on IPL. 

Currently, Delhi Capitals’ top scorer is Virender Sehwag (club’s first captain), while Amit Mishra is the club’s wicket-taker. The team’s coach is Ricky Ponting. The group is co-owned by the GMR Group and  JSW Group.

Team Analysis Of Delhi Capitals (DC)

Delhi Capitals released a couple of players and managed to bring a few on board, having finished second last season. Due to imbalances in their home matches, it was necessary to try and improve the team. Next is the current squad in the club:


  • Kagiso Rabada: He is a South African who leads as the main strike left-arm fast bowler. He is also a left-hand bat. 
  • Avesh Khan: He is a right-hand bat and also a right-arm, medium-fast player. 
  • Ishant Sharma: He is a battling-right-hand player and also right-armed and fast-medium.
  • Amit Mishra: He is a battling-right-hand player and bowling leg-break.
  • Mohit Sharma: He is a battling right-hand player and bowling right-arm medium.
  • Tushar Deshpande: He is a battling-left-hand player and bowling right-arm medium.
  • Sandeep Lamichhane: He is a battling-right-hand player and bowling leg-break googly.


  • Shikhar Dhawan: Battling left-hand and bowling right-arm off break.
  • Prithvi Shaw: Battling right hand and bowling right-arm off break.
  • Shimron Hetmye: Top-order batsman and battling left hand.
Delhi Capitals


  • Marcus Stoinis: Middle-order, battling right-hand, and bowling right-arm medium.
  • Lalit Yadav: He is a Right-hand bat and right-arm off break player.
  • Chris Woakes: He is a Right-hand bat and right-arm fast-medium player.
  • Ravichandran Ashwin: He is a Right-hand bat and right-arm off break player.
  • Axar Patel: He is a Left-hand bat and slow left-arm orthodox. 
  • Harshal Patel: He is a Right-hand bat and right arm-medium bowling.

Delhi Capitals Best Players

Frankly, the Delhi Capitals club has a lot of talent, new youngsters, and recruits. That is why it has been enjoying success over the years. Based on overall stats, four players stand out. They include:

Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas is an experienced captain with a strike rate of 130. He is expected to lead the Capitals to the finals, and hopefully win the trophy. Surprisingly, he is an Indian national, aged 27 years.

Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan

The 34-year-old batsman has done a lot already for the DC’s, & expected more from him. The left-hander has a boasting record of 97 scores. Again, we expect him to improve on giving away his wicket cheaply.

Kagiso Rabada

Kagiso Rabada

IPL can boast a lot of bowlers, but when it comes to accuracy, MR. Rabada has no equal. Stats show that he has improved in outsmarting batsmen compared to the last couple of years.

How To Bet Online On Delhi Capitals (DC)?

Now that you know the players, it is time to place a bet online. Next are the steps you should follow for a fruitful wagering experience:  

  • Stage 1: Search for a reliable site. FUN88 is one of them. Please open it and register with your personal details: full names, emails, date of birth, user name, etc. Wait for the information to be vetted and approved before getting access to your betting interface. 
  • Stage2: Log into your account, look for cricket sports in the games category and click. Achieving that will take you to another page with multiple cricket leagues, competitions, and events. Pick IPL since it is the one housing Delhi Capitals. 
  • Step 3: Choose the team. It will always be playing against another. Therefore, analyze the two and decide which betting options to pick. Also, assess the odds as they offer an idea of the favorite team and the underdog. 
  • Step 4: After picking your bets, proceed to stake. Here, you should enter the amount of cash you wish to wager and press okay. Achieving that will produce a bet slip with the potential prize, assuming your prediction is correct. Also, you may be prompted to verify the payment for security purposes before the transaction is successful. 
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Winning Tips For Delhi Capital (DC) Betting

Of course, it is tough to convince anyone to bet on DC’s. Last year was their best season; therefore, there are a lot of considerations to be done before placing a bet on the team. But before that, let’s find their strengths and weaknesses.

The club’s facts

This year, Delhi Capitals is priced at 8.0, making them favorites to win the title. Hence, their odds will often be less than those of the opponent. Another thing to take note of is their home matches and the state of the squad. This season sees the team adopt new players, helping it balance the different playing positions. As it appears, the team is likely to win its home and away matches, but it is also wise to check who will take part in each of its competitions before betting. 


DC’s batting order is on top and classy. To the same degree, it boasts one of the finest spin bowling possessions in the IPL tournament. Currently, the team has lost two semi-finals games as well as two qualifiers matches. Still, it has loads of experienced first-class foreign players to help it beat the opponents. That makes the club stand out for many bettors, and betting on it is recommended. 


Frankly, Delhi Capitals’ pace bowling section needs a lot of improvements. As is the case, it lacks Play-Offs experience to score sometimes. Therefore, betting on the team’s bowling ability is often unwise, based on the opponents’ power, especially when playing against Mumbai India.

Place Live Bets On Delhi Capitals IPL Team

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is simple. However, it differs from online betting since odds keep changing, based on what is happening on the field. With that explanation, the big question is how to go about betting on a live event. Well, Let’s go through the best approach to follow. 

First, log into your account, click live betting, and head to cricket, IPL. Then, choose an ongoing match of Delhi Capital vs. another team. There, you will see the latest result. On the betting table, you will see different markets. One of them will be the Match winner (to lose or win), which demands you to foretell where the next wicket’s fall or the overscore will be. Another option will be on the total batting expected. Ideally, it would be best if you predicted whether a player would land a total of over or under the set number of runs. 

Nevertheless, it is wise you note the odds assigned to each market. From there, choose the one you’re comfortable with and proceed to place a bet. In addition, remember that live betting runs in real-time, and the odds change, according to how the game is unfolding. Therefore, you should always analyze the game quickly, decide and place your bet before the shifts occur.

Past Winning Records Of Delhi Capitals IPL Team

Suppose you are familiar with the Indian cricket premier league. In that case, you will notice that the Board of Control for Cricket in India plans the competition, and the International Cricket Council backs it. Therefore, you should know precisely how it has been fairing over the previous seasons for you to make a sound judgment and place a bet on the Capitals’ side. Next are the details:

  • 1

    2008 IPL season

    As their first season, they finished in the fourth position after a streak of 7 wins and 6 losses in the entire competition. In the semis, they lost to that year’s winners, the Rajasthan Royals, and a winning percentage of 47%.

  • 2

    2009 IPL season

    This season seemed as though they would go all to the finals. They dominated the early stages of the event due to master class players led by Indian legend Gautam Gambhir (captain). However, they lost in the semi-finals and managed to qualify in the Champion League Twenty20.

  • 3

    2012 IPL season

    In this season, every team played 16 matches—home and away. DC’s had a bad season (2011), which they finished last. With new players signed, they finished first in a four-team table pool and managed another champion league qualification.

  • 4

    2013 IPL season

    This was another tough yet worse season for the Capitals. They lost the first six games and just won four overall. They took the last position that year.

  • 5

    2016 IPL season

    After a poor streak season in 2014 and 2015, they finished sixth in the table.

  • 6

    2017 IPL season

    After losing most of their experienced players and facing a turf plan to rely on young-inexperienced players, Delhi Capitals managed to finish sixth with a 37% win-rate. They won 6 and lost eight matches.

  • 7

    2019 IPL season

    After seven years wait, DC’s pulled to the playoffs and finished as second runners-up. Their best season ever with a 67% win-rate.

  • 8

    2020 IPL season

    They started the season well with seven wins out of nine first matches. They emerged second most ranked team and reached their first final ever—losing to 2020 champions Mumbai Indians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delhi Capitals are located in the city. So, they modified their name to “Capitals” to replicate the imperative of the Capital, New Delhi, India’s capital city.

Virender Sehwag took 86 matches to put a record of 30 catches in between 2008 and 2013.

DC’s performed well last season, and a bunch of players came on board. They include Alex Carey, Keemo Paul, Tushar Deshpande, Sandeep Lamichhane, Mohit Sharma, and Jason Roy.

Punjab king, formerly, KXIP is one of those teams that participated in the T20 League and will play the IPL 2021 season.

Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians (last year winners), and KKR are postulated to win based on their form last season and acquiring good players.

Yes, last year, no new team was added, but in the 2021 season, Punjab King has come on board.


Delhi Capitals are a formidable side, having featured in the league for a long time. Like any other team in the tournament, they have their flows but also win. After a master class show in the 2020 season, the Capitals are among the top contenders of the converted trophy this year. Therefore, use this opportunity to multiply your money by betting at FUN88. Follow all the information on this piece and research more if needed. Remember to be bet and enjoy the games responsibly.