Chennai Super Kings is one of the top-performing teams in the India Premier League. Remarkably, the club has been showing consistency in the matches, appearing in most playoffs. On the other hand, bettors have scooped handsome rewards from betting on CSK and sometimes bet for free.

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Do you want to learn more about the Chennai Super Kings team? If so, put on your resonance hat and get ready. This article will uncover all the information you should know about the club and help you place an informed bet. But as you proceed, consider signing up with other leading Indian cricket betting sites and casinos below.

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Chennai Super King (CSK) Franchise History

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) first saw the light of day in 2008. It is owned by Indian Cement, with Muthoot Group as the parent company. CSK is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and plays its home matches at the M. A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.

That aside, CSK has three jerseys: yellow for the home matches and either blue or orange for the away matches. The logo has an orange lion head (on a yellow background) and a blue word ‘Chennai Super Kings’ inscribed.

The team enjoys enormous success under the leadership of Mahendra Dhoni (captain) over the years. First,  it lifted the IPL championship titles twice in a row (2010 and 2011), becoming the first team. Second, they won the 2010 and 2014 champion league, Twenty20.

After a ban in July 2015, which kept them out for two seasons, the Chennai Super Kings came back in top gear and lifted the 2018 league championships. From then to 2020, CSK has boasted the best winning trend of 59.37%, the leading for any team in the IPL’s history. In the same breath, the team holds the highest records of ten playoffs and eight finals.

Overall, the team’s head coach is Stephen Fleming, and their theme song is Whistle Podu. Their main rivals are Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Chennai Super King (CSK)

Chennai Super King (CSK) Team Members To Bet On In 2021 Season

If you’re a gambler, the CSK is the best team to bet your money on. Check around and find out that Mahendra Dhoni being the leader; he is also a top-rated player in the IPLtournament. Next is a list of the Chennai Super Kings players to bet on in 2021 and a bit of their playing styles:

  • Robin Uthappa: He is a batsman from India. 
  • Moeen Ali: He is an all-rounder player and hails from Birmingham, UK. 
  • Dwayne Bravo: He is a batsman, a decent bowler, and an all-rounder from Trinidad
  • Krishnappa Gowtham: He is a right-hand batsman, an off-break right-arm bowler, and an all-rounder player from India.
  • Cheteshwar Pujara: He is a batsman from India. 
  • Faf du Plessis: He is a right-hand batsman and bowler from South Africa.
  • Ruturaj Gaikwad: He is a right-hand batsman and an off-break right-handed bowler from India.
  • Ravindra Jadeja: He is a left-hand batsman and a slow left-arm bowler from India.
  • Sam Curran: He is a left-hand batsman and a medium left-handed bowler from England. 
  • MS Dhoni: He is a right-hand batsman and a medium left-handed bowler from India.
  • Narayan Jagadeesan: He is a right-handed batsman from India.
  • Ambati Rayudu: He is a right-hand batsman and an off-break right-handed bowler from India.
  • Murali Vijay: He is a right-hand batsman and an off-break right-handed bowler from India. 
  • Karn Sharma: He is a left-hand batsman and right-arm leg break bowler from India. 
  • Imran Tahir: He is a right-hand batsman and a right-arm leg-break bowler from South Africa. 
  • Mitchell Santner: He is a left-hand batsman and a slow left-arm orthodox bowler from Australia. 
  • Piyush Chawla: He is a left-hand batsman and a right-hand leg-break bowler from India. 
  • R Sai Kishore: He is a left-hand batsman and a slow left-hand orthodox bowler from India.
  • Shardul Thakur: He is a right-hand batsman and right-arm medium-fast bowler from India. 
  • Deepak Chahar: He is a right-hand batsman and a right-arm medium-fast bowler from India.
  • Lungi Ngidi: He is a right-hand batsman and a right-arm fast bowler from South Africa. 
  • KM Asif: He is a right-hand batsman and a right-arm medium-fast bowler from India. 
  • Josh Hazlewood: H is a left-hand batsman and a right-arm medium bowler from Australia.

IPL Odds And Predictions For Online CSK Betting

Facts state CSK had a lousy season in 2020. But over the past competitions,  they have been the most consistent team in the league. Therefore, although the club failed to reach the top four playoffs for the first time in 2020, expect a well-revolutionized side that will help you multiply your money in the coming years.

That aside, bookmakers such as Fun88 will be skeptical when creating odds for the team this year. Since the league is yet to begin and no bookie has updated its odds, be ready to stake on the Chennai Super Kings. Some of the bets you can win handsome winnings include: 

  • Match winner: This bet will demand you bet on the champion of a game. You can easily foretell it by studying a team’s past results, weather, and the players taking part. 
  • Toss win: This is betting on the team you think will be the first to bat or bowl in a match. 
  • Outright tournament winner: This bet demands you foretell the overall champion of a competition. 
  • Top batsman: This is predicting which player will score the most runs for their side in a cricket match. 
  • Top bowler: This bet involves foretelling the player who will take the most wickets in a match.
  • Man of the match: This is betting on the player who makes the best contribution to help a team win a match. 
  • Over/Under on total runs: This bet demands you foretell whether the total runs will be under or over the bookie’s set score. 

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Best Bowler And Opener Of CSK Team

Frankly, some players make more significant contributions than others to help a team win a match or league. For example, both Shane Waston and Faf du Plessis have played top roles to help CSK win in the previous IPL seasons. Below are the best bowlers and opener stats for the Chennai Super Kings: 

Mahendra Dhoni

Mahendra Dhoni

He has had a total of 200 wicket runs.

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh

He has had a total of 150 wickets and 6 maiden overs.

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja

He has had the best bowling stats of 5/6.

Doug Bollinger

Doug Bollinger

He has had the best average bowling score of 18.72.

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina

He has had the most runs and a total of 5369 openers.

Murali Vijay

Murali Vijay

He has had the fastest century and openers of 46 balls.

Why Place Bets Online On The Chennai Super Kings IPL Team?

As you can guess, Chennai Super Kings is a decent team to bet on in the IPL. Lots of aspects make the team superb to win in the coming seasons. Next are the traits that make the club ideal for bettors: 

  • Noble Captain: MS Dhoni being the captain of the CSK, he has incredible match-reading skills to help the team win. In fact, the player plays for the national team, aiding it to carry the 2011 and 2013 ICC World cup trophy and the T20 World Cup in 2007. The right-hand batsman has had a total of over 10,000 runs in his career and has a bunch of cricket honors under his name. 
  • Keeping players: CSK has been retaining most of its core players for over eight years. That makes the team strong, enabling each player to master their role and contribute fully. 
  • Potent domestic players: IPL demands teams to have at least 7 local players. And as luck would have it, CSK has some of the best talents to fill the 11 players needed in a match without using foreigners. 
  • Robust All-rounders: It is evident the CSK has always had high-quality all-rounders in IPL. From the likes of Dwayne Bravo and Ravindra Jadeja, the team has vigor when batting or bowling. 
  • Great signings: Over the years, CSK has always gone for the top players whenever it wants to adopt new ones. The coming of Moeen Ali as an all-rounder and Robin as the newest batsman is arguably going to make the team better. 
  • Team management: Stephen Fleming is the head coach, and being helped by Lakshmipathy Balaji as the bowling tutor plus others, CSK performs tremendously well in most matches. Their task is to prepare the players and equip them with the necessary skills enough for any bettor to be confident in Chennai Super Kings.

Before Placing Bets Online, Check Out Past CSK IPL Stats

CSK’s IPL stats are overwhelmingly incredible. Next is the team’s performance in the IPL you should know before betting:

  • 1


    The team reached the finals but lost to the Rajasthan Royals, winning 9 games and losing 7. Its winning tally was 56.25%

  • 2


    The team was eliminated at the semifinals by the Royal Challengers, scooping position 4 with 8 wins and 6 losses. Its overall score was 53.33%.

  • 3


    The team beat Mumbai Indians to win the overall competition, winning 9 games and losing 7. The overall scoring tally was 56.25%.

  • 4


    The team won the final again, becoming the first to do so in the history of the IPL, winning 11 games and losing 5. The winning percentage was 68.75%.

  • 5


    The team reached the finals but lost to the Kolkata Knight Riders. However, it had 10 wins and 8 losses, making the overall score percentage 52.63%.

  • 6


    The team again reached the finals but lost to Mumbai Indians. Its wins were 12 and losses 6. The overall winning percentage was 61.11%.

  • 7


    The team didn’t reach the finals and was eliminated at the playoffs. However, it won 10 games and lost 6, scooping a score of 62.5%.

  • 8


    The team made a comeback to the finals but lost to Mumbai Indians, having won 10 games, and lost 7, with a percentage score of 58.8%.

  • 9


    The team was blocked from taking part in the IPL.

  • 10


    The team was still on prohibition.

  • 11


    The team returned to the IPL and won the title with 11 wins, 5 losses, and a percentage of 68.75%.

  • 12


    The team reached the finals but lost to Mumbai Indians, winning 10 games and losing 7. Its percentage was 64.29%

  • 13


    The team was eliminated at the group stages, winning 6 games and losing 8.

Frequently Asked Questions

The team has a total of 106 wins out of the 179 played.

The captain, Mahendra Dhoni, broke the previously held record by Suresh Raina of 192 games in IPL.

Faf du Plessis scored the most runs, putting a record of 449 runs, followed by Ambati Rayudu with 359 runs.

Mumbai Indians has the most 118 wins, followed closely by Chennai Super Kings with 106 wins.

Dwayne Bravo has 14 catches and is ranked top.


You now have the Chennai Super Kings’ history players, titles, and much more. Those are enough aspects to harness and bet on the team in the coming competition. That way, you will be best-placed to wager consciously and win more rewards than other bettors without this information. Now, if you didn’t sign up while reading, it is time to do so. Tap here to join FUN88 and get your 200% welcome betting bonus.