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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 - Today Match Prediction Live Score

England May Not Reach The Finals



With all the preps and hopes of English team there is a major glitch in the follow up. England’s world cup 2109 hopes could be washed away by rain and Aussies would go through if semi-final falls victim of rain. The weather here in Edgbaston is not looking good and there is a forecast of rain on both match and the reserve day. If there is no play, Australia would proceed to the finals automatically due to their better performance in the group stages.

Here is the thing, according to ICC rules there is a reserve day for every semi-final and final of the world cup 2019. This is because of the inclement weather of England so there is a reserve day for each match. During semi-final stage if there is no play due to rain, the team with better performance would go through to the final. If it rains in the finals both the teams will share world cup 2019 trophy.

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Eion Morgan’s team is due to take on old rivals at Edgbaston on Thursday in the second semi-final of the world cup 2019. The team is all pumped up and looks good ahead of the all-important clash. However, it could prove to be frustrating with rain forecast for the Birmingham area on Thursday morning. This could prove to be really dangerous for the English side because if there is no play on Thursday and the Friday(reserve day) the team with higher position in the group stage advances.

Australia beat England in the group stage and they remained on the second position coming into the semis. England stood third in the position so clearly Australia would advance if there is no play. This would be bad news for England because under the competition rules, if no play is possible on either day, the team with the higher position in the group stage advances.

Already seven out of 45-game group stage matches were washed out with three got a Duckworth-Lewis-Stern Method result, one game started but wasn’t finished and three were abandoned completely.

Even if the rain partially effects the match, each side must bat for a minimum of 20 overs in a for the result to stand.

This is going to be a great disappointment for England as they are playing some flamboyant cricket and are considered clear favorites for the title. Let’s hope rain stays away and we have a decent contest.

Write to us what are your thoughts on the rain effected matches and how they effect the whole event.

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