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Fun88 Casino

Fun88 is one of the most loved online casino where people can play online/live casino games, sports betting and much more. Sign up and get exciting welcome bonus today!  

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T&C applies

T&C applies.


  • Trusted & Reputable Casino
  • Reliable Payment Options
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • 24/7 live chat


  • Limited Slot Options
  • Fewer Table Games
  • No Poker Rooms

As a gambler, it is very important that you do check for reviews before using a betting site to stake a game. It’s a new year and of course, a lot of people are surfing the net to get the best reviews before joining an online casino. There are many online casinos available today. So, choosing the right one can be quite difficult as you have a lot of amazing options.

Fun88 online casino is one of the most popular casinos available to gamblers. The interface is user friendly with very easy navigation. Players can stake their bets and make withdrawals on the platform. Click Here to get started.

The good thing is, FUN88 reviews are definitely going to sway your mind on choosing this platform to stake a bet. Few online casino platforms are of top quality as FUN88. So, how did they come to play?

History And Company Info Of FUN88

FUN88 is a gambling company created in Asia, and they have exciting gaming products. Some of the few games on offer are; live casino, in-play sports betting, lottery, slots games to name a few. This betting company is licensed. FUN88 ensures their customers have the best gaming experience, security, and technology that any casino has to offer. So, how did they become the best platform?

FUN88 has partnered with some of the top betting clubs and has many awards to show for their efforts. Also, they are not only fun and entertaining but rather they ensure that their customers are rewarded.

Reasons To Bet With Fun88

Gambling is proving to be a source of extra money as many have lost their jobs amid the ongoing pandemic. The thing about gambling is that it requires no academic or professional excellence to win big. The only thing that is required of you as an individual is your ability to think fast and analyze a situation. Moreover, it is important to know that gambling is on chance and luck. So, what are the reasons to bet with FUN88? The following are some of the reasons;

  • It is well-reputed:- One of the reasons to bet with FUN88 is that it is reputable and known for its stellar gambling service.
  • It offers a wide range of gaming products:- FUN88 has a lot of gaming products and this should entice prospective users. Also, they do have affiliate websites making it possible to run many accounts.
  • It offers unlimited access:- Again, FUN88 offers unlimited access to not just its customers, but prospective clients as well. It runs non-stop, meaning you can register or stake a bet at any time of the day.

In addition, the company is very secure and they are privacy-conscious. This makes it a betting site suitable for those who wouldn’t want their information shared with the general public. Also, they do have mouth-watering bonuses that every prospective client would want to enjoy. Click Here to start betting on Fun88.

Bet On Your Favorite Sport With Fun88

Betting on your favorite sport like Football, Cricket betting with fun88 is very straightforward, as the platform is easy to navigate and there are lots of sports to choose from. The few ones are;





















The list is quite much, but these are the few ones. Now depending on your choice, you can bet on the one that you know fully well about. The casino has also made instructions possible, should you decide to bet on a sport you have little knowledge about. So, people can bet on their favorite sport and be paid upon winning the staked game (s).

How Can You Sign Up For FUN88 Casinos?

Signing up on FUN88 is procedural. Before you begin the process, it is important that you are eligible to sign up.  Depending on your country, you are most likely going to be asked if you are up to the required age. Below is the step by step process of signing up.

Step 1– Go to the registration page; after which you would see a place written: “JOIN NOW”. Do click on it or better still, you can seek directions by contacting the online support center.

Step 2– Move to account creation. You would notice the interface would change to give room for you to fill in the registration information. The requested information, usually expected to fill are;

  • Username: This is the name that you would put in when you want to sign-in on the FUN88 platform. It usually consists of 6-14 characters.
  • Password: This is what grants you access to your account. Usually, the characters needed are from 2-20. But to boost your password, you might decide to mix it with an uppercase and lowercase letter.
  • Other information includes; Phone numbers, address, favorite e-wallet, city, language used, and favorite currency. Do ensure you carefully inscribe the right details on the information form. It is also important that you go through each piece of information again to ensure the right details are provided.

Step 3– Ensure to confirm your registration. Upon completion of the information, a notification would be sent to alert you of your new FUN88 account. Thereafter, you would be prompted to make a deposit but that can be ignored to a more suitable time for you.

Fund Your FUN88 Casino Account With Different Payment Options

This is an important aspect of FUN88 as you can’t just leave your account dormant. Funding your account is not so difficult as there are different payment options available to you. Some of them are;

  • Visa Cards: This is a fast and reliable method of funding your account. It is accepted worldwide and members who have this kind of card can be encouraged to make payments with it.
  • Local bank transfer: This is another payment method that you can use to fund your account. Depending on your local bank, you can simply request for a teller, fill in your ID number, and make payments directly to your FUN88 account.
  • G Pay: Google pay is also a method of making payments online. With Google pay, you can make several payments as it is not limited to funding your online gambling account.

Other methods of payment include; AstroPay, STICPAY, ECObanq, Paytm, and lots more. Similarly, customers can request to have their monies credited on the same deposit platform. But, to curb any foul play or money laundry scheme, you might be requested to provide a valid ID. This is done for the sole aim of verification so that the money gets to the appropriate client. It’s super easy and fast to fund your Fun88 account and you can Click Here to begin.

Where To Bet With FUN88 Whether On Desktop Or Mobile?

FUN88 betting can either be done on a mobile or desktop view. But, most people feel comfortable staking a bet with their mobile phones as they easily carry them wherever they go.

Also, people enjoy using mobile betting as the interface is of top quality. It is user-friendly and lets members gain access to a wide range of sports games with their phones, whether Android, Apple, Windows, etc.

Secondly, with FUN88 mobile betting, you have access to a wide range of products. Some of which are; Oriental palace, Imperial palace, Games, and the Sportsbook. Additionally, the banking options like the deposit and withdrawal methods are very much on the mobile betting site. This gives you a betting experience void of stress.

Playing games on the mobile is pretty straightforward. Some people prefer to download the app, others prefer visiting the site and carry out their betting business there. To play a game, you would have to log in to your account. Thereafter, you select the sports you feel comfortable with and stake your bet.

Furthermore, you should ensure you have funded your account before going ahead to selecting games and staking a bet.

Bet With FUN88 And Win Bonuses & Spins

Bonuses are mostly used in attracting extra players to a betting site, and this is one of the initiatives done by FUN88. There are several betting bonuses that are given to clients, but the common one is a sign-up bonus. Also, there are free spins whereby you are not requested to put in any money before partaking in it. So, what then are the tips to ensuring you enjoy the various offers on display?

First of all, you would need to decide on the offer that you feel satisfied with. This means that you simply cannot claim the casino bonus and then have the sportsbook welcome offer. Also, it is expected that the wagering requirements are met before claiming the bonus. Furthermore, after understanding what’s on offer you can then accept the offer. Lastly, it is important that you are made aware that the casino bonus has an expiration date, as it isn’t going to be made available for a long period of time. Once that expiration date occurs without any activity, you are most definitely going to have to give up the offered bonuses. This is why you should make good use of the opportunity that has presented itself.

List Of FUN88 Software Providers

Although this casino is famous for being a go-to platform for betting on different sports games, there are many other casino games you can enjoy. Whether it is slot games, blackjack, bitcoin blackjack, card games, etc., there are different options to choose from. To provide the best game selections to its users, FUN88 works with many reputable software providers in the online gaming and betting industry.

The following is a list of software providers responsible for the amazing game selection available on this amazing site;

Pragmatic Play
Amaya software
Nextgen software
Microgaming software
Genesis software
Red Tiger software
Game Play Interactive software

All the software providers mentioned above are known in the gaming industry for putting out the most interactive games. The games created by these software providers are known to have the easiest gameplay, and impeccable graphic quality. If you check out some of the casino games available on the site, you’ll be able to tell the difference in comparison with other gaming sites.

With excellent picture quality, amazing sounds, and the best interactive gameplay, you are sure to have the best time whenever you choose to gamble on the site.

FUN88 Casino Privacy & Protection Program

One of the major concerns of any gambler who decides to play via an online gaming platform is the security. Considering how digitized financial processes are, it is twice as easy for hackers to access your funds. The rate of fraudulent accounts stealing information and money from online gamblers seems to increase every year. So, it is important for you to be sure about a specific platform before signing up.

Fortunately, when you sign up to play on FUN88, every security protocol is in place to safeguard your details and funds. This casino ensures the private information of all its users are safe and secure by following the procedures below;

  • An SSL encryption system that is integrated into the casino’s site. This is effective for protecting passwords, financial data, and other sensitive information.
  • Every confidential detail is safely stored in incomprehensible texts, which can only be decoded by the casino’s system.
  • Two-factor authentication system that requires two different details specific to your account. That way, the system can identify it if you are trying to access your account.

All these measures make it super easy to safeguard your funds and details with ease.

Terms & Conditions To Follow At FUN88 Casinos

Familiarizing yourself with the terms of any business is crucial for many reasons. Like every other platform or website, there are a variety of conditions to meet on the FUN88 website. Here are a few important terms and conditions to consider;

  • Registration on the website requires you to be at least 18 years old. You will be asked to tick a box confirming you’re at least 18 years old.
  • You will not be allowed to use the services of the casino until you complete your membership process.
  • FUN88 permits a single account per person (with the same email address, telephone number, IP address, and same payment method). Your account can only be used by you, hence, it is non-transferable.
  • You can make payments in many currencies such as Pound Sterling (GBP), American Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR). The smallest deposits on your account can be $10, £10, or €10.
  • There are certain territories that are not allowed to open accounts in the FUN88 casino. Thus, there are many systems in place to prevent any account creation in these locations. Be sure to check the official website to know if you are allowed to have an account in FUN88 casino.

Check out the official website of FUN88 casinos for the full terms and conditions.


You can play different casino games such as blackjack, roulette, slot, and live games at the FUN88 casino. Although you can bet on different types of sports on the casino, you can also gamble and enjoy your best games on the site.

The least withdrawal limit on FUN88 is $10, £10, and €10.

The least and biggest deposit you can process on FUN88 via card transfers are; $10, €10, £10, and $2000, £2000, €2000 respectively.

You don’t need to verify a Gmail or email address when you register on FUN88 casino. This makes the process easier and faster. But, you will need to verify your email or Gmail address if you forget your password.

Yes, you can recover your password if you forget it. You will likely be asked for other security details and also required to verify your email or Gmail address.

You can process deposits and withdrawals with either a credit or debit card. Also, you can use other payment options such as Neteller and Skrill.


FUN88 casinos is a site that is famous for betting on different matches online regardless of location. Asides from betting on different matches, you can also enjoy your favorite casino games and earn a lot of cash in bonuses. The casino offers you the best online casino games by employing the services of some of the best software providers in the game. Some of which are Neteller and Microgaming. What’s more? the site utilizes different security options to ensure your details and funds are protected.

With so many pros to gaming on this amazing site, you have a lot more to gain. Click Here to begin.