Online Casino payment methods are an integral part of gambling globally. It is undoubtedly necessary that all gamblers use safe and secure payment options to deposit and withdraw money. However, the beauty of using online payment methods to transact cash is you can amass incentives along the path.

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We want to enlighten you about popular payment methods in India you should consider using. While at it, you will also learn how to harness the deposit methods as well as the withdrawal methods, plus the safety mechanisms to check before making any transaction online. In case you must search for online casinos with tons of games, below are some of the best picks you should join.

Payment Methods

Top Casinos With Safe & Secure Payment Options

Popular Casino Payment Methods In India

There are scores of payment methods for casinos in the market you can use. On the flip side though, only a chunk of them are safe and viable at online casinos. To save you the hassle, time, and headache of searching blindly for the ideal depositing and withdrawing channels, below are those you should harness:


Payment methods -PayPal

This online payment is utterly flexible and easy to use. Remarkably, it has a safe mobile app that even novices can operate. In the same vein, PayPal supports over 100 currencies, including rupees. It has two types of accounts you can create to monitor your finances, Personal and Business. All you need is an email account and a phone number.


This payment option has roots in India and is safe to use in betting and casino gambling. It is also viable for shopping, paying bills, sending, and receiving cash from bank accounts. The channel employs UPI technology, and users don’t need KYC to make transactions. Again, it has a mobile payment system you can utilize and play Paytm casino.


This channel is tailor-made to serve gamblers’ interests. It is safe and processes payments faster than loads of other online transaction options. The exciting bit about harnessing MuchBetter at online casinos is you can enjoy the mobile app and the ‘Pay by Bank’ to control your cash transactions around the clock.


This method stands out as it allows huge withdrawals of up to $25,000 or the equivalent in rupees. Skrill option is safe and uses SSL encryption to safeguard data from third parties. It has a secure mobile app and supportive customer staff available to address issues in the Hindi language.

Google Pay

GooglePay is a product of the Google Search Engine. It adopts a state-of-the-art security mechanism and stores cash in virtual accounts. That means no one can track your bank or card’ details even if you use them to fund the GPay account. Luckily, you can also utilize the GPay option and enjoy the mobile app.

Bank Cards


This is a global and convenient swipe card you can use even when you haven’t deposited it with cash. Ideally, VISA payments allow users to spend or send funds and pay later. The best part of taking advantage of VISA is you can monitor transactions and make casino deposits for free.


This payment option supports speedy transactions after linking it to an online gaming casino or bookie. It is globally accepted & allows transacting cash in rupees. On top of that, MasterCard casino payments reward points for using it & helps grow a bank credit score.



Bitcoin is a decentralized payment option that involves blockchain technology. It is accepts transactions anonymously. In the same vein, it processes cash speedily & is accepted in Indian online casinos.


This is an alternative to Bitcoin. The option facilitates faster transactions and enables users to create smart contacts to enforce trade clauses. The Ethereum currency is also safe from hackers.


This cryptocurrency is cheaper than Bitcoin and trades faster. Another outstanding trait about Litecoin payment option is that bettors can acquire it easily since it is in plenty.

Deposit Money In Casinos To Bet Online

Frankly, depositing funds at a bookie using the deposit methods mentioned above is attainable. The good news is you can do the process speedily, provided you have a verified gaming account. Below are the breezy steps to go about making a deposit quickly:


  • Step 1: Log into your gaming account and locate the cashier section somewhere on the home page. Next, click it, and it will redirect you to your gaming wallet. Once there, you will see two options, deposit and withdraw.
  • Step 2: Click on the deposit icon. Achieving that will open a new tab where you will conduct your transaction.
  • Step 3: Now, pick one of the payment methods, provided it has funds, and enter the amount you wish to deposit. You may also be prompted to add other details such as currency form. If you use VISA or MasterCard, you will provide the card’s CVV number and expiry date.
  • Step 4: Countercheck the details and submit the transaction. Some payment methods may ask you to verify it if you are the one making the payment via email or SMS. Therefore, confirm, and you will get your cash in the gaming account after being processed. From there, you can proceed to pick a game or sport and place your bet.

Withdraw Money From Online Casinos

The withdrawal process at FUN88 involves a few straightforward steps. After signing up and winning a wager, follow the next procedure to cash out your rewards:


  • Step 1: Log into your gaming account and select the cashier on the home page. After it opens, click on the withdraw button next to that of depositing. Doing that will take you to another tab which should help you with the cashing out process.
  • Step 2: On the withdrawal section, select your preferred transaction method. Next, enter the amount of cash, followed by the currency you want to receive the funds.
  • Step 3: Still on the withdrawal form, you should enter the card’s CVV number and expiry date if you want the cash to land in your VISA or MasterCard.  If you want the fund to go to an e-wallet account, you may be prompted to enter the email address associated with it.
  • Step 4: Afterward, submit the transaction and wait for the cash to be processed. Ideally, the duration will vary based on the amount, financial institution, and online casino. At FUN88, you will wait for about one to two working days. From there, you can withdraw the cash at a bank, ATM or use it to pay bills or to shop online. Join FUN88 to enjoy convenient withdrawals today.

Things To Check When Choosing A Payment Option

All casino payment methods have traits separating them from competitors. However, some channels boast fully-packed characteristics to suit gamblers. Below are some of the things you should check before qualifying a transaction option to be ideal:

  • 1


    It is often a requirement by law for payment channels to pay levies from the profit accumulated from transactions. That forces financial institutions to trickle down some charges to customers. However, transaction taxes from some companies are unreasonably high. To be on the safe side, check and evaluate how much cash you will be parting with as a levy before signing up.

  • 2


    Online payment channels must safeguard their sites with superior security technology. One of the must-have traits is the utilization of SSL encryption. As it is, a method lacking that is unsafe and can be accessed by hackers. Another concern in terms of security is the use of passwords and identity verification. Always ensure the payment option you pick adopts and enforces the two aspects.

  • 3

    Currency Type

    Ideally, you should consider using payment options supporting transactions in rupees. More so, high conversion charges often kick in when changing cash from one currency to the next. It is also a directive by the Indian government for rupees to be accepted on gaming platforms. Consequently, ensure the financial provider you pick for gambling champions for the use of rupees.

  • 4

    Transaction Limits

    All financial institutions set terms and regulations of transacting cash. They put caps on the minimum and maximum allowed payments gamblers can make in a day, week, month, or a single transaction. If the maximum limits are low, you will need to initiate multiple withdrawals, which can be expensive. On the other hand, if the minimum limits are high, you will have to deposit significant amounts that you may lack. As a result, go for channels with friendly thresholds to enjoy the benefits.

Safety Measures Of Casino Payment Methods

Honestly, all the best payment options mentioned above are legit and safe to use at online casinos. One of the crucial safety mechanisms adopted by casino payment channels is collecting and protecting personally identifiable information.

More so, each account holder must provide their name, date of birth, phone number, home address, email address, among other details, when signing up. On top of that, an ID number and other government-issued documents such as a utility bill receipt may be required if the casino or financial institution wants more information about the account holder. All that aims to ensure the user is documented and of legal age. Still, it helps prevent third parties from feigning identity.

In the same breath, financial institutions and casinos demand account holders create passwords and a recovery question. The password must meet certain standards such as be made of capital letters and numbers more often than ever. Ideally, that helps to ensure it is hard for anyone to guess the password and transfer the funds.

On the other hand, the online payment methods use cookies to identify returning customers. That synchronizes customers’ activities to eliminate and detect unusual prompts. The sites again have anti-virus protection and excellent SSL encryption to safeguard data, funds, and the sites’ programs. That helps keep hackers at bay and ensure the systems aren’t vulnerable to malware or cyberattack.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount boils to the terms and conditions set at the gaming casino. At FUN88, the minimum deposit threshold is 1000 rupees.

The maximum and minimum caps depend on the financial institution and gaming platform you use. Most brands allow cashing out 1000 rupees upwards.

That is subject to the guidelines of the brand. Some brands lack limitations, while others stipulate the limits on their terms and conditions.

At FUN8, the process takes minutes, but in other casinos, it may be longer. However, the time flame is often subject to the financial institution’s processing duration.

Yes. You can use different options based on the type of transactions you want to make. Ideally, some gaming brands may support one channel of depositing and lack it for withdrawal.

You should check for its licenses and the SSL encryption. The licensing documents are often at the bottom of the pages, while the encryption is at the URL on the search bar. Look for a padlock sign, or the initial HTML has an (S) at the URL’s start.


In summation, you can now make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos effortlessly and securely using the information in this writing. All you need is to identify the payment channel you believe will serve your needs and open an account. From there, load it with cash before using it to make transactions at gaming sites.

However, please note and remember we don’t have any relationships or ties with any of the mentioned payment options on this page. To that effect, they all hold the liberty to allow or disallow gamblers to use their services at online gambling sites. Now, if you still don’t have a gaming account, sign up at FUN88 today.