Most cricket betting predictions on the internet today are just enticements to lure punters into cricket leagues and tournaments. That makes it necessary to find the right and truthful information before falling into the wrong analysis. Unfortunately, most novice gamblers face challenges when searching for the most lucrative, reliable, and reputed platforms to place cricket bets.

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Now, get ready to learn crucial information about free cricket betting predictions. In this writing, we will help you gain acquaintance with betting tips, cricket competitions that can win you handsome rewards, and much more. But before we get to that part, below, we have a list of some of the most reputable betting platforms for lucrative cricket odds for Indians. Join one of them and use it to wager after reading.

Cricket Betting Tips To Win More Money

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    Terms and conditions for betting

    Each cricket betting site offers different wagering terms from its competitors. As it is, bettors often encounter limitations on how much they can stake as well as how much they can win. Consequently, if you want to wager in a serene environment and increase the amount of cash you can win, go with sites that have reasonable terms and conditions even though their promotions seem unattractive.

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    Understand the different types of cricket bets

    Notably, there are numerous types of bets you can stake on in cricket. They include the outrights, match winner, over/under, among others. However, some possibilities are more likely to occur than others. As a result, you should take time to learn what each type of event or bet means before deciding whether to wager on it or not. For example, Test matches are short-lived while tournaments like T20 take longer. Therefore, if you do your homework in a decent way and wager on Test matches, you may have better chances than in T20s since teams’ performances often change as the competition progresses.

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    Stay up to date with cricket news

    If you love betting on cricket, it means you also love the game. As a result, you should spare time to know how your favorite teams perform, even if you don’t find time to watch the matches on Tv or live. A decent way to achieve that is by subscribing to online sports newsletters. Alternatively, you can read cricket blogs to increase your chances of adding money to your wallet.

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    Wager on more than one possible outcome

    Wagering on more than one type of bet is risky but has better rewards if your predictions turn out correctly. Ideally, betting in multiple types is like spreading your risks. If one bet fails, you may win the other. However, while the whole tweak can be profitable, you should be ready to spend more cash on wagers and do a thorough background analysis on the teams before staking.

Few Essential Things To Remember Before Placing A Bet In Cricket

Frankly, betting on cricket online isn’t as easy as loads of bettors assume. It’s not about finding any bookie and placing a bet. There are a few things you should know and always remember. They include:

The reputation of a sportsbook

Before you join any bookmaker, ensure you confirm its security framework. Importantly, checking a betting site’s trustworthiness is necessary if you want your cash and credentials to be safe. Another crucial bit you should confirm is how the brand pays gamers after winning a bet. Remember, some sites refuse to issue payouts, which is unethical.

Cash transaction methods

Notably, cash transactions can be a challenge in cricket, while in India, if you wager at the wrong bookies. Depositing and withdrawing options ought to be convenient in all manner of ways. So before signing up with any site, ensure it offers several e-wallets, besides wire bank transfer and credit and debit cards. In the same vein, check whether it allows transacting cash in the rupee currency to avoid violating the Indian gambling laws. 

Betting market and options

Cricket betting has numerous ways you can wager on your favorite teams and matches. However, a few sportsbooks have a limited variety of betting options. As a result, if you want to enjoy wagering on many cricket predictions, confirm the site you join offers a wide range of betting markets such as man of the match, in-play betting, top batsman, top bowler, among others. 

Betting odds 

It goes without a doubt that a decent platform to bet on cricket should have lucrative betting odds. More so, if a sportsbook offers an odd of 2.00 and another 1.70 for a match, going for that with 2.00 would yield better profits, assuming you win your bet. Therefore, remember to check the worthiness of the odds in the site you pick before wagering.

Why We Are The Best In Providing Betting Predictions

Our top priority to offer the best betting predictions in cricket is to help you make profits. More so, our team works tirelessly to ensure we provide 100% accurate forecasts and tips on oncoming cricket events. Our core duty is to help gamblers decide what to bet on by sharing well-researched statistics on teams. And although winning in cricket can never be guaranteed, our experts dig deep to uncover predictions that can win more often than not. 

Well, as you may know, coming up with correct cricket predictions isn’t an easy task. But since we love the game, our effort to provide the best there can be in terms of lucrative odds speaks for itself. For example, we know that a coin toss can affect a team’s performance and the players. Ideally, it can determine which side will win or lose. As a result, our experts consider such eventualities before offering recommendations. 

On the other hand, there are various cricket matches taking place each day. Consequently, we strive to make predictions available early enough so that you can have plenty of time to make your decision and place your bet. And as luck would have it, all the cricket betting predictions we offer are 100% free!

How We Predict Who Will Win The Match

Just in case you are wondering how we predict cricket events, calm down because you are about to learn how we go about it. Our analysis of cricket is carried out by a team of experienced researchers globally. Here are some of the crucial aspects they investigate:


There are numerous cricket tournaments worldwide, but not all are ideal to wager on while in India. We believe that aside, major leagues are lucrative to Indian gamblers, including the Indian Premier League (IPL), the T20 internationals, and the Big Bash League. Nevertheless, there are some One Day International cricket competitions we deem suitable such as the Ashes games like the match between Australia and their rivals, England. 


Our look at the squads covers the teams’ past performances and the players to participate in the coming match. Ideally, our experts dig for all the necessary and relevant data before offering recommendations. Of course, it’s hard to foretell a match’s outcome by assessing the teams and players alone. That’s why we score for important news stories about cricket betting on the newspapers, TV, and internet. That way, we can tell which players will be available to play as well as those who will be away due to injuries or any other reason. 


We know that the condition of a cricket match venue can affect the outcome. More so, a sunny day can work in favor of a batsman, while a wet field, a rainy, or misty day would be disastrous for the bowler. To that effect, our team looks at the possible weather and pitch conditions to be used. Additionally, they check at how the teams perform while playing at home or away. 


Besides all the aspects we have mentioned above, we also review the cricket odds available in sportsbooks. More so, some betting sites have better odds than others. And considering that the odds you wager on determining how much money you can win, we strive to guide our readers on where they can find the best and friendly cricket betting odds.

Why You Should Read Our Predictions Before You Start Betting

Are you still not convinced why you should read and possibly use our cricket betting tips predictions rather than any other provider? Well, our success rate in the information we provide speaks volumes. Most of the bettors who use our predictions end up making profits. That means more money to bet, spend, and save for rainy days. 

On the other hand, our predictions aim at offering the best and most lucrative odds in cricket betting. From the tournament winners to the daily match outcomes, we review everything necessary to help bettors make substantial profits. More so, our site should be your go-to platform for today’s and tomorrow’s cricket match predictions around the world. 

At the commencement of every cricket tournament, we know betting enthusiasts are always geared up to make money. Consequently, we narrow down the teams to the best with reasonable odds. That way, our readers find the best valuable and competitive odds to stake in all the available types of cricket bets.

Cricket betting prediction

What Are The Popular T20, One Day, And Test Match Bets?

India Premier League

This competition is ideal for bettors seeking entertainment and glamour. As it is, the league is the richest and most popular among loads of Indians. It draws top-rated players from all over the world, and the odds are lucrative.

Big Bash League

Big Bash League tournament is the biggest rival to the Indian Premier League. The league consists of eight teams. However, the Perth Scorchers are the dominant team, having won three titles and appearing in the competition’s five finals.

Twenty20 Cup

This competition started in 2003 and has enjoyed loads of younger audiences across the world. In the same breath, the event consists of 18 teams of the English County Competition. So far, it is the most comprehensive tournament to wager on, thanks to the popularity of its odds and a vast following.

Limited Overs Cricket

This competition takes place within one day. The teams have a pre-determined number of bowls they can make to resist the playing time. That usually ranges from 20 to 50 times. However, each club only has one turn to bowl and bat. Again, the event has two types of matches, namely the One Day Internationals and the List A.

Test Cricket

This event involves ten national teams globally, but other clubs are expected to join soon. Each side has 11 participants with four innings. Nevertheless, the competition can last for five days, with six hours of play, divided into two-hour rounds. There are also several breaks between the games that include a 40-minute lunch break, 10 minutes for the innings, and 20 minutes for the tea break.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing about the sport can increase your chances but being an expert is unnecessary provided you have basic knowledge of cricket betting.

Our recommendation is you download the Betway mobile app, assuming you are an Android, Windows, or iOS user. That way, you will be able to wager on numerous cricket games as well as in-play betting.

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Using multiple betting accounts in one platform is regarded as fraudulent in the eyes of the bookie. As a result, your accounts can be blocked or banned.

That depends on the terms and conditions set by the platform you want to use. However, more often than ever, there are no fixed minimum stakes, but it is wise to check the guidelines before wagering.

That depends on the platform you use, but most of them allow free withdrawal or charge a small fee, especially when using direct wire transfer.


Friends, that’s all there is in terms of our cricket betting predictions. But remember, in every cricket outcome, there can be a dead heat rule wherein you can bet on a possibility but there end up being two winners, including the one you wager on. You will only win half of the amount of cash you would have won in such an eventuality, assuming you were the only correct bettor. Nevertheless, the crux of the matter in cricket betting prediction is reading the terms and conditions for wagering before staking on any match or game. From there, follow our predictions and bet at any of our recommended sportsbooks to enjoy a welcome bonus and boosted odds.